Update: Flash Flood Warning issued November 29 at 9:07PM PST expiring November 29 at 9:15PM PST by NWS Sacramento CA

Event: Flash Flood Warning
Sender Name: NWS Sacramento CA
Issued: 2018-11-29T21:07:00-08:00
Expires: 2018-11-29T21:15:00-08:00
Description: The heavy rain has ended. Flooding is no longer expected to pose a
threat. Please continue to heed any remaining road closures or
evacuation orders until they are lifted.


Link to more Info: http://www.weather.gov
Urgency: Immediate
Severity: Severe
Certainty: Likely
Categories: Met,
Area Description: Butte, CA

Message Identifier: NWS-IDP-PROD-3238111-2839622
CAP MessageType: Update
Added note: – Flash Flood Warnings warnings